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Valour Logistics, which provides direct service and warehousing services to more than 80 countries in 3 continents, provides international transportation and logistics services to its customers through land, air, rail and sea transportation. We undertake your international operations with our warehouses and offices in 4 countries and our self-owned transportation vehicles.

Between freight transport in Europe, the Middle East and the CIS countries, our company pays special attention to the constant preparation and flawless performance of the transport, as well as transport vehicles that comply with international standards (Euro 6, ISO container and others).

With our specially certified drivers, “Valour Logistics” LTD offers a wide range of logistics services according to the requirements of each customer.


Valour Logistics offers logistics services tailored to customer needs with its experienced expert staff, strong vehicle fleet, offices spread across the country and abroad, and high-capacity warehouses and warehouses. With its international, strong and global network, it is an experienced logistics company that provides solutions to your worldwide logistics needs and does its job diligently.

Our Mission

The aim of Valour Logistics is to realize all transportation services of both large and small volume import-export companies and individuals with services in accordance with modern rules.

Our Vission

To be a leading logistics company in its region with a strong and all kinds of services that shape the future while constantly improving its business in the light of technology and science.

Message of the CEO

We work with the passion of being a part of life in our developing, changing and transforming world and leaving traces for future generations to remember with kindness. Even if our intense pace, our effort to integrate technology into our business and our innovative structure make us feel tired from time to time, we continue to work tirelessly with the power we receive from our employees and we love our job very much.

With love and best regards, Hunar ASHRAFZADE

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Our Quality Policy

  • To protect the rights of the employee and to create a family culture while maximizing customer satisfaction with a zero defect policy,
  • To maintain our policies in line with our mission, vision and core values,
  • Committed to the protection of information and profits for itself and its business partners,
  • To be a part of continuous innovation in the competitive sector,
  • To comply with national and international standards,
  • Innovative, original, efficiency-oriented; We aim to be the pioneer of the continuously developing, learning and growing sector.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001