A Message from the CEO

Our work is led by the passion of living in a developing and transforming world and being able to leave traces for future generations to remember us kindly. Even if our intense pace, our effort to integrate new technology into our business and our innovative structure make us feel tired from time to time, we continue to work tirelessly  with the power we receive from our employees and we love our job very much.

The most important motivation we have to make us work harder and better every day is that we want to make permanent changes and leave our marks for the next generation in the most effective way we can. Our passion in growing, improving, and learning leads us to forget the intense pace and love our work even more. We are committed to be able to fulfill all kinds of demands and requests of our customers while continuing to create employment with a sustainable, transparent and honest company policy. In the end, the work we do helps people to reach their needs and wants, and as it involves meeting people to achieve this, it gives us a great deal of satisfaction. The world will continue to evolve, change and grow; and so we do.

Our offices in Turkiye, Georgia, USA, Italy and Azerbaijan provide our main road transport hubs and our Italian warehouse is conveniently located for sea links.

Best regards, Hunar ASHRAFZADE