Message of the CEO

In the developing, changing and transforming world, it will continue with its passion to be one with our old and what it will remember with the future. Our tempo is our effort to spend time on technology, and our structure is to strive to be committed to non-working time, to set out with hard work and to work hard for us. What is inside us, the planet we grew up on is united with this passion and it is full of motives that we are in that the better is more with us. We save your burden when we break away from the world with the slogan of "We protect your load with our campaigns all together" with our sustainable stones in our voyages where we regularly carry out the lowest possible campaigns with new models, our 130 tractors with Euro-6 green engines, which are completed in our vehicles that break away from nature.

With a sustainable, transparent and honest company policy on this road we have set out, 5 dealer offices can be used with our truck parks and warehouse service for the "right place at the right time" to be made available for installation.

Our application by road is on this way, our offices in America, Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan; We stand in front of the roads with Italy and our warehouse, taking the seaway and multimodal transportation. It does not continue about our belief in growth, development and most education.

Best regards, Hunar ASHRAFZADE